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Can’t I just go to a “Quick Change” place for my Oil Change?
Yes you can, BUT we do not recommend them! Yes on the surface it does seem cheaper and more convenient, but The “Quick Lube” places like to recommend services and fluid exchanges that simply may not need to be done or it won’t provide the quality of service your car requires. We only use OEM filters, while the “Quick Lube” oil filters are a low-cost, low-quality part. We also see many stripped oil pan drain plugs, broken air filter assemblies, hoses left off or loose, and many other situations which usually only cost you more money to have us repair. Give us a call we can explain it further if needed.
If I have a new car does it mean I have to go to the dealer?
Absolutely not! I know the Dealer can make you feel like you have to but you don’t! All of the services we provide do not void your factory warranty! So you can feel confident the work done at Precision Motor Car is being done properly. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.
But they offer free oil changes, what do you say about that?
If you have a new Volkswagen, Audi, or Subaru we will provide the same free service the dealer is offering.
My “Check Engine” light just came on. Should I panic?
If your car is running poorly then yes! You should contact us as soon as possible. But in most cases no, don’t panic, but get your car into us as soon as your, and our schedules allow. The computer on today’s cars is continuously monitoring all the sensors on the engine. When the light comes on, it has detected a malfunction in one of these systems and is warning you that the system needs to be inspected and the problem diagnosed. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about the Check Engine Light.
How long does it typically take to repair my car?
We strive for same day service but not every situation allows that to be possible.
Do you recycle?
YES, we recycle as much as possible and guarantee all waste oil, oil filters, antifreeze, cardboard, and metal is collected to be recycled.

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